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We're often asked where to find products related to astrology and other metaphysical traditions. Here is a list of categorized links that may be of use to you. For additional resources, check out the Archer One Discussion Board
About Soulmate Research Below are excellent online charting services. About jyotish gemstones Increase Romantic Energy & Flow with Ancient Feng Shui
Finding Your Soulmates: The Soulmate Research System Alabe offers a good free chart here. More about jyotish gems and lists of suppliers  
Testimonials of Users of the Soulmate Research System Astrodienst has an excellent selection of free and for-fee charts and reports here.    
  Birth: Major Life Themes. Short, sweet, insightful. $2.95    
T Birth: Indra. The most in-depth and comprehensive analysis $19.95    
  Long Outlook: Pro Forecaster Transit & Progression Charts $15-60    
  Long Outlook: Liz Greene's Long-Term Perspectives. A Superb 6-Year Forecast of Major Transits & Progressions (see sample here) $50.00    
  Short Outlook: Solar Returns $9.95    
  Short Outlook: Liz Greene's "Meaning of Time" Yearly Horoscope Analysis (see sample here) $50.00    
  Short Outlook: Starlight Solutions 3 Mo Detailed (see sample here) $11.95    
  Short Outlook: Starlight Solutions 1 Yr Highlights (see sample here) $11.95    
  Relationship: Astrolabe Pro Synastry & Composite $35-50    
  Past Life/ Karma: Karmic Past Life (see sample here) $5.95    
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