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About Archer One Archer One began researching metaphysics in the 1980's when a co-worker said she used astrology to find romance. Archer was skeptical but looked into it and was amazed at what he found. That was the start of a lifelong study of the subject.
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Soulmate Research: info on the Archer One soulmate system.
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Client Testimonials Client testimonials may be found here and here.
Chart Reading Methods Used Archer is a student of metaphysics. He started with basic western astrological techniques over 25 years ago. He then branched into: Vedic (Indian) and Chinese astrology, numerology, the I-Ching, the Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, Fung Shui, energy cycles and more. Archer uses methods for each reading that fit the topics at hand, looking for areas of agreement between these methods. Archer may use intuition but he is not especially psychic. He prefers to interpret charts directly; intuition is then inspired from the consistent message in the charts.
Is Archer a "Psychic"? Archer leaves purely psychic readings to those gifted with powerful intuitive sensitivity. He prefers to interpret charts directly; his intuition is then inspired from the consistent message in the charts. See Chart Reading Methods above.
Common Topics Readings can focus on a range of topics. Common subjects are: Romance, Career, Karma, Life's Purpose, Personality, and Life Cycles. Some clients want a reading with no specific topic, preferring to ask Archer "what do the charts say".
Finding Your Soulmate Archer specializes in soulmate analysis based on indicators of metaphysical compatibility. He is the author and publisher of the Soulmate Research system. If you want a reading focused on soulmate analysis, click here for more information.
Types of Readings and Fees Archer offers both private and semi-public readings. Readings may be reserved in advance or immediately without reservation. Fees vary; semi-public reserved readings have the lowest price. Two platforms are available: Paltalk and Bitwine. Paltalk offers both private and semi-public readings in a video-optional audio-text chatroom. Bitwine is private only and requires less advance notice than Paltalk. Click here for more info on how to schedule a reading & use these platforms.
Language Archer reads in English only. A non-English speaking client should have an interpreter to ask and translate the reading.
Schedule a Reading Readings are held on both Paltalk and Bitwine. Click here to learn how to schedule a reading and use these platforms. The Paltalk reading schedule is at Meetup and the current Bitwine schedule is at the Archer One Bitwine page.
Using our Reading Platforms Readings are conducted on two platforms: Paltalk and Bitwine. For more information on using these platforms, please click here.
Links and Resources We're often asked where zodiac charts and other online tools can be found.  Here is a link to some of our favorite online resources
Discussion Forum Archer One maintains a discussion forum with topics of interest to readers at:
Precautions and Disclaimers Metaphysical readings can be fun and insightful. Some people find them to be accurate and useful. However, the means of metaphysics are not well understood and may be due to a placebo or "belief" effect. No actions should be taken based on a metaphysical reading. People are advised to seek expert advice on any matter of concern.
Contact Us Contact us at: Archer receives many inquiries and unfortunately cannot answer every one. See also our links and resources page.
Archer one developed the  soulmate compatibility matching system published by
We profile each client using a variety of ancient and modern metaphysical techniques. To learn about readings, click here.