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Overview of our approach There are two basic kinds of metaphysics: chart and psychic readings. Archer mainly uses traditional chart reading. He seeks "agreement in the charts", where multiple chart methods point to the same conclusion.

Archer also focuses on the "big picture": cycles of several months, years or longer. In the short run life is so variable that daily ebbs and flows of energy can be outweighed by other factors including simple luck.

Archer accepts the insight of apparently contradictory ideas of free will, pre-destiny, karma, and re-incarnation. As the greatest healer Archer knows puts it: "there is truth in everything". A client need not share these beliefs in order to have a useful reading; Archer respects differences of opinion, experience, and culture. Click here to learn how to schedule a reading with Archer One.
Technology used Archer uses the latest metaphysical software, tables and hand-drawn charts to interpret your chart messages. He's often heard on the mic writing on a paper chart, typing interpretations, or thumbing through a reference for relevant data.
Western astrology Tropical or western astrology is the most prevalent form of metaphysics in the world today. It is a close cousin of Indian (Vedic) Astrology; one main difference is planetary location which can differ by 5 to 10 degrees on a chart. Thus a western Gemini sun may be a vedic Taurus sun with personality aspects of both!

Western astrology speaks to many metaphysical traits: birth (or natal) personality, significant events and energy cycles, talents, areas of current focus, soulmate connections, life's purpose, and much more.
Vedic (Indian) astrology Vedic astrology is the metaphysical tradition of India. It addresses soulmate compatibility, personality, energy cycles of all durations (from a few days to decades), and much more. Jyotish jewelry and other remedies are part of Vedic practice. In Archer's experience, Vedic astrology complements rather than clashes with Western astrology.
Chinese astrology Chinese astrology is much more than the "animal year of birth". Both days and especially months also have strong metaphysical implications for individuals and relationships. Chinese tradition also encompass Fung Shui and the I-Ching.
Fung Shui Fung Shui looks at effects of the arrangement of living and working spaces. It can increase, decrease, or stabilize energy levels and is an indicator of metaphysical compatibility. Archer is the author of a booklet on the use of Fung Shui to increase romantic energy. This booklet is available at his Soulmate Research website.
Locational astrology (Astro-geography) Fascinating studies purport to find areas of planet Earth that are more compatible with a person's birthstamp. Archer uses these tools to identify areas where a client may feel better, more energetic, and have more opportunity.
Numerology Profound metaphysical cycles involve numbers 1 through 9 (years, birthday, current date, etc.). Numbers and letters also link in a repeating relationship. For example, A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9; the cycle repeats with J,K,L... = 1,2,3... through Z. Thus, alphabetical factors like names have a numerological interpretation.
Metaphysical energy cycles Archer follows the major metaphysical cycles: the personal year, Vedic dashas, astrological progressions and transits, planet returns, and biorhythms. Together, the cycles often show a consensus pattern of energies bearing on clients, which energies are most available, and what remedies might be taken.
Enneagram The Enneagram is a repeating cycle of 9 personalities. Two excellent free online Enneagram tests are here and here. Clients must write down (or print) the results for use in a reading. For more information on how to use these tests, see this link at the Archer One discussion board.
Myers-Briggs Myers-Briggs is one of the most widely-used "conventional" of personality tests. Archer often finds significant explanatory benefit to use the M-B with metaphysical indicators. Clients can take this free M-B test and save the results
Precautions and disclaimers Having a metaphysical reading can be fun and insightful. Many people find readings to be accurate and useful. However, the means of metaphysics are not well understood and may be due to a placebo or "belief" effect. No actions should be taken based solely on a metaphysical reading. People are advised to seek expert advice on any matter of concern.
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We profile each client using a variety of ancient and modern metaphysical techniques. To learn about readings, click here.