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Reading Calendar and Scheduling an Appointment Archer is available for readings at convenient times for clients worldwide. Readings on Paltalk (PT) are via a chatroom and can be either private or semi-public. Bitwine readings are via chatroom or phone and are private only. Semi-public readings are offered at a price discount to private rates.

Readings on PT must be scheduled at least a few hours in advance. Bitwine may be pre-scheduled or immediate, depending on calendar availability. To schedule a reading, click one of the following links and follow instructions to schedule.
Paltalk reading calendar is here.
Bitwine reading calendar is here.
Platforms: Paltalk and Bitwine

We use both Paltalk and Bitwine. Paltalk is a video-audio-text "chatroom". Bitwine has both chatroom and telephone. A videocam is not required to use the chatrooms. Headphone or speakers are essential, a mic is highly recommended.

Paltalk has both private and semi-public readings. Bitwine is private only. Semi-public readings have an anonymous "audience" and are offered at a discount to private rates. The client's identity is anonymous but the topics can be heard by all.

For more information and step-by-step instructions on how to use these platforms, please click here for Paltalk and here for Bitwine.

Common Reading Topics Clients ask a wide range of questions. Common topics are: Romance, Career, Karma, Life's Purpose, Personality, and Energy Cycles. Some want a reading with no specific focus, preferring to ask Archer to "tell me what the charts say".
Finding Your Soulmate Many clients are interested in romance and relationships. Whether seek a soulmate or have questions about a relationship, metaphysics may offer insight. For a reading on a specific relationship, please have the birthdate / time / and place of the other party. For more information on Archer's perspective on soulmates, click here.
Reading Methods Used Archer is skilled at the use of a wide range of metaphysical systems. His approach is to integrate the findings of multiple systems in order to arrive at the most consistent interpretation. If you prefer a reading based on a specific method, let Archer know and he will emphasize that method in the reading.
Pricing Readings are priced for nearly all budgets. Semi-public readings are at a significant discount to private readings. Pricing is on the calendar pages (see Calendar above). Payment is via PayPal; you do not have to be a PayPal member to use this system.
Precautions and disclaimers Having a metaphysical reading can be fun and insightful. Many people find readings to be accurate and useful. However, the means of metaphysics are not well understood and may be due to a placebo or "belief" effect. No actions should be taken based solely on a metaphysical reading. People are advised to seek expert advice on any matter of concern.
Archer one developed the  soulmate compatibility matching system published by
We profile each client using a variety of ancient and modern metaphysical techniques. To learn about readings, click here.