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What Are Soulmates? The meaning of "soulmates" as used today ranges from a fond relationship to the exotic-sounding "twin flames". Archer uses the term as implied in metaphysical compatibility practices. In those traditions, everyone has a unique "birthstamp" based on their name and their date, time and place of birth. Metaphysics teaches that certain birthstamps attract each other via a mysterious chemistry whereas others may clash or lack passion. Very importantly, over time soulmates grow closer and establish an enduring romance rather than separating as differences emerge. For an in-depth discussion of Archer's views on what soulmates are and are not, see pages 6 through 10 of this booklet.
Metaphysical Compatibility Most metaphysical methods have some means of predicting romantic attraction. Archer uses multiple methods to maximize the likelihood of compatibility. In his opinion we do not precisely know why this chemistry exists and, as with all things metaphysical, it could be a placebo or "belief" effect.
Is Metaphysical Compatibility All that is Needed? Metaphysics only predicts potential for compatibility; it is just one basis for a lasting relationship. Other factors are: culture, personal development, homelife and childhood training, education, career, interests, luck, etc. Also, metaphysics will not overcome such relationship-breakers as dishonesty, infidelity, and addiction. In Archer's opinion the strongest soulmates are both born with metaphysical compatibility and grow together with mutual interest, trust, amusement, passion, and a history of positive experiences.
Archer's Approach After much study, Archer concludes that: 1) we each have more than one potential soulmate (i.e. not just one "twin flame"); 2) we must take a pro-active approach to find them, they won't magically appear; 3) metaphysical compatibility is not required for a lasting relationship but it can help by increasing the romantic chemistry.  
How Many Soulmates Do I Have? Archer can locate dozens of potential soulmates for a client. But it is up to the client to research their backgrounds and to see if the reality lives up to the potential. Remember that while metaphysical chemistry can help a relationship, it may not be in itself sufficient to hold the union together in the face of other conflicts.
Methods We Use Almost every metaphysical method Archer uses has some bearing on the potential for attraction and compatibility in romantic and other types of relationships.
Indian & Other Cultural Matrimonial Services Archer has extensive experience with traditional Indian matrimonial analysis and has lived in India. His approach is to start with traditional techniques and then add others in order to sharpen the overall accuracy of his matrimonial recommendations. Archer welcomes Indian clients seeking maximum compatibility in marriage.
The Soulmate Research System Archer has studied the use of metaphysics in romance and relationships for over 25 years. He is the author and publisher of the Soulmate Research system.
Is ____ My Soulmate? If you want to explore your metaphysical compatibility with a specific person, please have their date / time / and place of birth available.
How to Proceed To schedule a reading, please visit this link.
Risk Reduction and Common Sense in Dating Unfortunately there are risks when meeting new people. We can be especially vulnerable when we have romance on our minds. Further, the internet presents both new opportunities for meeting people and a new set of risks. A list of dating risks and sensible ways to reduce them is on pages 2 through 5 of this booklet.
Precautions and disclaimers Having a metaphysical reading can be fun and insightful. Many people find readings to be accurate and useful. However, the means of metaphysics are not well understood and may be due to a placebo or "belief" effect. No actions should be taken based solely on a metaphysical reading. People are advised to seek expert advice on any matter of concern.
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