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About Paltalk (PT) Paltalk is a sophisticated chatroom platform. It supports voice, text, and videocam input. To use Paltalk you must have web access, speakers, a microphone, and keyboard; a cam is optional but not required.
PT Instant Messenger vs. Express PT has two versions: instant messenger (IM) and express. IM is a free download that installs the chatroom on your computer screen. Express is accessible via the web and does not involve downloading the IM. From our experience, the IM is preferable as it seems more reliable (less subject to crashes, etc.).
Using PT: Exact Steps Using PT involves: 1-A) downloading and installing the IM OR 1-B) accessing the express website; 2) Registering with a screename and password; 3) Logging on; 4) Scrolling the rooms list to find Archer's reading room.

If you have a scheduled reading on PT with Archer, be sure you are familiar with the system prior to your appointment. This means you have downloaded, registered, logged on, and joined a random chatroom to practice the easy-to-use tools of PT.

These steps are precisely outlined in the How to Use Paltalk page here.
Private vs. Semi-Public Readings Paltalk supports both private and semi-public readings. Private is one-on-one with Archer in the chatroom. In semi-public, others may listen but may not ask questions or interfere. The client is known only by his/her PT nickname. While no personal information is deliberately divulged, some info may be inadvertently released during the reading. Semi-public readings are priced at a discount from private readings.
Calendar Archer is available for readings at convenient times for clients worldwide. Readings on Paltalk can be either private or semi-public. Bitwine readings are private only. Semi-public readings are offered at a price discount to private rates. To schedule a reading, click one of the following links and follow instructions to schedule.
Paltalk reading calendar is here.
Bitwine reading calendar is here.
Fees Readings are priced for nearly all budgets. Semi-public readings are at a significant discount to private readings. Pricing is on the calendar pages (see Calendar above). Payment is via PayPal; you do not have to be a PayPal member to use this system
Schedule a Reading To schedule a reading, click one of these links and follow instructions to schedule.
Paltalk reading calendar is here.
Bitwine reading calendar is here.
Precautions and Disclaimers Metaphysical readings can be fun and insightful. Some people find them to be accurate and useful. However, the means of metaphysics are not well understood and may be due to a placebo or "belief" effect. No actions should be taken based on a metaphysical reading: seek expert professional advice on any matter of concern.
Contact Us Contact us at: Archer receives a large volume of inquiries and unfortunately cannot answer every question. See also our links and resources page.
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We profile each client using a variety of ancient and modern metaphysical techniques. To learn about readings, click here.