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General Over the years, Archer has found many consistencies between metaphysical forecasts and what occurs in real life. However he does not have an explanation he is fully satisfied with as to why these parallels exist. A list of possible explanations compiled by Archer is on page 12 of this booklet. Further, one explanation Archer accepts may be true is that metaphysics may be driven by a placebo or "belief" effect (see below).

Archer believes that there are many other factors besides metaphysics involved in our daily lives, including sheer luck. While metaphysics may predict one thing, other factors may mitigate towards another. Archer believes that metaphysics points towards general prevailing energies while the sum total of factors ultimately dictates the actual outcome. While Archer believes that there is some degree of "metaphysical purpose" for a given life, each person is free to pursue their own interests and is not trapped in merely living out a fully pre-destined drama.
Free Will vs. Pre-destiny vs. Luck There are many schools of metaphysics. Some teach that our lives are fully pre-destined and life is just a matter of experiencing what is already fully planned. Other schools teach that we have 100% free will and that our choices lead to experiences from which we must learn.

Archer's view on these questions is constantly evolving. At the moment he favors the view that human spirits may be incarnated (born on Earth) more than once, in order to "polish" the spirit, much as a rough diamond is polished to a jewel. In each incarnation certain goals are prominent, many of these based on prior life errors (karma). In this view, there is a general pre-destined "purpose" for each life however there is wide latitude to make free choices. The choices we make create new karma in our current lifetime which will either lead to a more polished spiritual gem or one with more blemishes that must be addressed in future incarnations.
How Does Astrology Work? There are two primary means of establishing "proof" in science: hypothesis testing and clinical observation. Astrology and other metaphysical methods are some of the most widely studied phenomena in human history, dating back to earliest recorded times. Metaphysicians in many different cultures have reached similar conclusions. Archer has extensively studied metaphysical theory and observed it in real-world situations. His observations lead him to have a high level of confidence that there is some factual basis for many metaphysical traditions.

What Archer is less certain of is why these techniques seem to work. A partial list of explanations can be found on page 12 of this booklet. Note that possibility number 6 is a placebo or "belief" effect. While Archer personally believes there is more to metaphysics he cannot disprove this possibility, nor does he feel it is essential to do so. The placebo effect is one of the most widely researched biological effects and often has a very positive impact on health. Could it be that astrology and other metaphysics are unique placebo forms that seem to resonate with humans? Absolutely.
Might Astrology be a Fraud? Fraud and/or incompetence can occur in any profession and metaphysics is no exception. Clients should research the background of a reader and see if his or her reading truly has value. Use your common sense: does this reading sound like me or my situation?
Private vs. Semi-Public Readings  
Many Factors at Work in Our LIves In Archer's view of metaphysics, there are many forces at work in our lives including destiny, free will and luck: forces of both determinism and randomness. Metaphysicis does not tell the entire story; it tends to address nature rather than nurture. Any given person may have a life experience that is far from what is predicted by their natal birthstamp due to powerful effects of nurture (or lack of it) during their formative years.
Expense As with any service, clients should have a budget in mind that they will not exceed. There are examples in the metaphysical profession where unscrupulous readers have over-charged clients and/or clients have recklessly purchased services they could not afford. Archer's services are designed to be affordable for most budgets; ultimately it is up to the client to stay within their budget.
Many Different Types of Metaphysics and Readers There are dozens of metaphysical traditions. Each practitioner has chosen a certain system or blend of systems to practice. Some practitioners rely on a high degree of "psychic intuition" while others stick largely to interpreting chart information. It is up to the client to determine whether a particular reader is using an approach that is helpful to that client. Ask yourself: "do I generally understand what system this reader is using"? Does the reading seem to reflect me and to illuminate what I'm experiencing? Or is the reading contradictory, unclear, non-pertinent, or otherwise confusing?
Chart vs. Psychic Reading As described above, some readers emphasize interpretation of charts while others focus on their psychic intuition. Others blend the two approaches. There are extremely talented readers in all these categories. Archer One is primarily a chart reader with some psychic interpretation when his intuition is strongly signalled during a reading. It is up to clients to decide which technique and which reader(s) are most helpful to them in a given situation.
Choosing the Right Reader for You Choosing the right reader is a matter of common sense: what information am I seeking? What situation(s) am I facing? What is the reader's background? What is the reader most experienced at? And most importantly, during the reading do I feel this reader understands me, understands my situation, is concerned, and does the reading seem like an accurate view of me and my situation?
Over-Reliance on Advice Clients should not "rely" on a metaphysical reading. Such readings, as described above, may be placebos. Readings are not a replacement for expert consultation.
Don't Fail to Contact an Expert In all matters, clients should contact experts on the situation they face: attorneys for legal matters, accountants for financial matters, relationship counselors for relationships, job counselors for career issues, doctors for health concerns, etc. Metaphysical readings may or may not add additional insight and they may in fact be misleading. Regardless, they are no substitute for expert counsel.
Precautions and Disclaimers Metaphysical readings can be fun and insightful. Some people find them to be accurate and useful. However, the means of metaphysics are not well understood and may be due to a placebo or "belief" effect. No actions should be taken based on a metaphysical reading. People are advised to seek expert advice on any matter of concern.
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